Joe Slavin – Our new Non-Executive Director

The Recruitment Events Co. (TREC) has appointed Joe Slavin as Non-Executive Director effective today. The move represents yet another chapter in a nearly 16 year relationship that began when Joe hired Jamie Leonard as the Ad Agency Development Manager at in 2003

The relationship was maintained and enhanced as Jamie and Joe ventured forth to fish4 where Jamie led its hugely successful Ad Agency team.

Joe comments: “From manager to customer to member of an amazing and successful team, I have had the privilege of seeing Jamie rise up to any and all challenges that came his way. He’s hired a great, committed, constantly improving team that I love working with and who are always open to a different spin on things.”

Jamie comments….”I’ve known and worked with Joe for almost 17 years, and his experience scaling businesses, sustaining success and his willingness to challenge, makes his appointment as Non-Exec Director the easiest one we’ve ever made. This hire represents our intention to mature as a business and build on the growth of RecFest and our other event brands.”