How to hire the best talent for your business

About the Talk

“If you were building a recruitment team for the future, what would that team look like?”

Jon Stanners shared with us some great insight on how to better get to know your talent and explains how, in order to attract the best talent, we must take our future candidate on a journey, allowing them to get to know you. The focus should be on building a journey that creates an emotional connection with candidates and Jon explains how to do this.

About the Speaker

Aside from being a devoted husband and father, Jon Stanners (Global Head of EB & TA) feels that the rest of his time is about people, especially those with exceptional talent who inspire him. As a TA Leader who operates in the broader people domain of in-house talent acquisition, visioning and developing strategies on EVP, Talent ‘Go to Market’ and scaling Talent Acquisition functions means he has the pleasure to engage with such great people all the time.