Hiring apprentices; panel discussion

About the Talk

We journeyed to WhiteHat HQ to talk all about Apprenticeships. WhiteHat hosted an all-star apprenticeship panel chaired by Sophie Adelman and joined alongside by Euan Blair (CEO, WhiteHat), Alastair Higginbottom (Programs Manager, Salesforce) and Uzma Ahmedmunir (Business Admin Apprentice, Salesforce).

In the 1st of these videos Perspectives from an apprentice: Uzma talks about the decisions she made in undertaking her apprenticeship programme over going to University.

In the next video Setting up an apprentice programme: Euan Blair speaks about how setting up an apprenticeship programme is not as difficult as you think.

Finally, in Bringing apprentices onboard Alastair Higginbottom speaks on his journey of having apprentice’s at Salesforce and the lessons they’d learned before hiring their 3rd apprentice, Uzma.

About the Speakers

Sophie Adelman and Euan Blair are Co-Founders of Whitehat, a tech startup democratising access to best careers. Joining them on the elusive panel is Uzma Ahmedmunir, a current WhiteHat apprentice who is managed by Alastair Higginbottom of Salesforce.com