#WhatsNext: The future of talent is potential

About the Talk

Richard Bradley (Kelly Services), Jack Parsons (Big Youth Group), Dan Richards (EY), Johnny Campbell (Social Talent) & Nicola Brentnall (Queen’s Commonwealth Trust) form this illustrious panel centred around #Talent! How do we identify the talent of the future when we don’t know what it looks like? The speed at which we live our lives means we are constantly adapting to change, and technology makes everything happen faster. These are challenging times for any business to success and businesses are only as good as the people in them. This panel will leave participants with a stronger understanding of how to identify, engage with and talent; allowing them to ditch the script and move away from outdated assessment criteria.

About the Speakers

This panel consists of Richard Bradley (Managing Director UK&I @ Kelly Services), Jack Parsons (CEO @ Big Youth Group), Dan Richards (Recruitment Director UK&I @ EY), Johnny Campbell (CEO & Co-Founder  @ Social Talent) & Nicola Brentnall (Chief Executive @ Queen’s Commonwealth Trust).