The 4 key stages where technology can revolutionise the hiring process

Supporting digital transformation has always been one of our core values. We have witnessed firsthand the evolution of recruitment technology and how said technology can revolutionise a function.

From AI to ATS’s, technology not only enhances the process but also frees up capacity for busy TA professionals to focus on the areas that still require the human touch. The World Economic Forum carried out research on the planned business adaption in response to COVID-19 and 84% of employers surveyed will accelerate the digitalization of work processes.

This post features the 4 key areas (Attraction, Selection, Engagement, and Management) where recruitment and technology go hand in hand. We have also highlighted the most innovative technologies available on the market in each given stage and their key USPs.


Technology complements the recruitment process from beginning to end, so it’s only appropriate to start with the initial attraction of candidates. Attracting the best people to the role you’re hiring for is paramount, because commencing with a pool of first-rate talent puts your best foot forward. Randstad Sourceright’s latest COVID-19 Surveillance Report has highlighted that recruitment marketing platforms are one of the top 10 technologies that have been implemented during the pandemic.  

The leading Attraction technologies available on the market 

SmashFlyX – The most complete recruitment marketing and campaigning capabilities you’ll find in one platform

  • The only technology in talent acquisition to combine CRM, career site, programmatic advertising, referrals, and talent mobility 
  • Automates what should be to help you find and nurture talent. 
  • Empowers you to interpret behaviour and act when it’s most valuable. 

Work 180  –  WORK180 helps you build a diverse workforce, delivering high-quality candidates across different backgrounds

  • Find great employees fast – As well as tools to improve your ads, your job opportunities will be shared and targeted to the type of talented women you need on your team 
  • Improve retention rates – We don’t just help you build a diverse and talented team. Our experts will work with you to become a leading employer that’s too good to leave
  • Become an employer of choice We’ll raise your profile as a supportive workplace for women by sharing unique content about you with our highly-engaged audience

Papirfly – BAM by Papirfly empowers your global employer brand teams across the world to store, share and create marketing assets

  • Significant time & cost savings: say goodbye to agency briefs, lengthy queues and approval processes.
  • Deliver market-ready marketing assets and maximise the day-to-day. 
  • Give your team the tools they need to work efficiently and autonomously.

Sonic Jobs – revolutionises the way candidates search and apply for jobs on mobile

  • 6X higher ROI for employers 
  • 23.1% click-to-apply conversion vs just 4% market average 
  • Cost-per-application performance-based pricing

Cammio – Supporting organisations around the globe to attract, engage and select talent remotely with an award-winning video recruitment platform

  • Great Candidate Experience
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Fair & Engaging Process

Handshake – connects you to talent across the country at scale to source from a larger, more diverse, candidate pool

  • Early career network and career management platform connecting over 900 universities, 500k employers, and 17M students
  • The #1 way college students find jobs

Hackajob – Pre-screened and ready to interview, source and assess tech candidates from the UK’s most engaged talent pool

  • Our candidates are pre-screened and ready to interview 
  • Hire top tech talent in just 17 days or less
  • 95% of hackajob candidates respond to interview requests within 48 hours

Attrax – the total careers site system which converts site visitors into high-quality job applicants

  • Total careers site system, fully SaaS, with a clear roadmap, defined by talent acquisition specialists
  • Uses AI and automation to provide a positive and relevant talent experience 
  • Enables talent acquisition teams to react to the market and changing demands for talent with a self-serve CMS

Broadbean Boost – A programmatic solution by Broadbean Technology, allowing you to simplify programmatic posting with no sacrifice.

  • Simplifies Programmatic posting without sacrificing your return on investment 
  • Detailed view on pay-for-duration and pay-for-performance for full transparency on publishers’ performance accessed from within your CRM/ATS

CW Jobs – Put your diversity and inclusion policy into practice with targeted programmatic advertising solutions to attract candidates

  • The home for tech jobs 
  • Put your diversity and inclusion policy into practice with targeted programmatic advertising solutions to attract candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

Sixty Seconds – On-demand videos to get your brand noticed

  • A leading video attraction specialist that helps companies find, attract and screen both active and passive candidates at scale
  • Create brand aligned videos in minutes 

Grad DNA – The perfect candidate experience solution – attract, assess and book and interview on your mobile

  • The perfect candidate experience solution – attract, assess and book and interview on your mobile
  • The only mobile app offering free psychometric testing to students and graduates

Crooton – How ‘Employer Fencing’ can be used to deliver your messages to talent working for your competitors

  • Target employees of 100s of pre-selected companies with a generic employer brand message or details of specific vacancies. 
  • Create great-looking Digital Display Ads in multiple ad formats to maximise engagement opportunities with your target audience 
  • Make significant cost savings from current recruitment marketing activity.

JMP – Inbound Talent Attraction (ITA) platform where only the people employers want to hire apply for their roles

  • Industry-leading Inbound Talent Attraction platform
  • Showcase who you are, attract who you want
  • Free up days of work, in minutes 

Showcode – Compete, Collaborate & Learn with Showcode 

  • A community platform where coders compete, collaborate and learn via our gamified leagues, competitions and hackathons.

Hidden – a subscription service hiring talent using our bias-free technology

  • Creating diverse talent and inclusive culture strategies via our app that presents candidates anonymously and showcases a bespoke representation of your employer branding
  • Anonymous profiles to mitigate bias in the selection process, curated employer branding to improve talent attraction, quick and effective communication through the app

Caroo – Mobile Job Search App That Makes Recruitment Simple

  • Free employer brand content platform 
  • Intuitive Mobile App technology matches brands and people
  • Connects employers and candidates without high fees

Springpod – An online student recruitment platform that enables employers & education providers to target and engage students

  • Early careers network for students to find virtual work experience, explore career paths like apprenticeships & connect with employers.

Real Links An optimised employee referral platform that matches best candidates in employee’s networks to jobs

  • Referral Matching – syncs with employees’ connections (e.g. on LinkedIn), matches them to jobs and makes referral recommendations
  • Gamification – team and individual leaderboards with employees earning points for contributing to the referral scheme.
  • Supports Diversity – platform is name, ethnicity, nationality and gender blind to remove any unconscious bias from the recruitment process.

Firstbird – Turns employees into brand ambassadors and referrals into your most successful recruiting channels

  • Hire up to 50% of your new employees through referrals 
  • Increase the quality of candidates, while reducing your cost & time per hire 
  • Strengthen the engagement of your referral network through appreciation for hires and activities

PathMotion – Find out how to utilise our 24/7 Q&A platform, Live Chats, and Chatbot to boost your employer brand & Candidate Experience

  • Create authentic, scalable content to amplify your employer brand 24/7
  • Fulfil your key talent acquisition goals through enhanced conversion, improve D&I targets, and focusing on the right candidates by dissuading those who don’t fit.
  • Automate without losing authenticity: live chat events & chatbot are the ways future talent prefers to engage with employers.

Portal by Hiring Hub – Hire top talent, faster.

  • A recruitment agency marketplace helping It companies find and work with best specialist recruitment agencies in the UK
  • Companies use hiring hub to find great candidates, and fill jobs faster 


With the surge in job applications across all industries due to the current climate, it is imperative that every recruiter has a trusty Selection tool to aid their process. 

There’s a whole host of selection products out there varying from video interviewing technologies (68% of employers surveyed have adopted a video and online interviewing technology during the current global pandemic – Randstad Sourceright Talent Trends), to behavioural analytics platforms (Organizations that use behavioral insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth – McKinsey Sales Growth). 

The leading Selection technologies available on the market 

Oleeo – Uncover top methods for ensuring Diversity & Inclusion throughout your talent acquisition process

  • Ensuring blind recruitment encourages better D&I hiring 
  • Making sure your language does not inadvertently cause bias
  • Making sure your talent acquisition content delivers diversity, inclusion & belonging 

Tribepad – Make smarter decisions, slash recruitment spend and time-to-hire, improve CX & ramp up team productivity

  • Future proof TA Suite. Get ahead – Highly customisable to your processes 
  • Keep it simple – Built with you and integrates with your existing tech 
  • Easy to switch

Outmatch – Helping companies make great talent decisions by fast tracking your best talent and gaining highly detailed insights

  • Candidate-driven platform combines 7+ points solutions in one automated experience
  • Flexible modules give employers the ability to transform fast, without changing core systems
  • Increased speed and accuracy in hiring delivers 40% cost savings and 25X ROI

Vervoe Vervoe predicts job performance using skills assessments that showcase the talent of every candidate.

  • Hire the best candidate based on performance
  • Predicts job performance using skills assessments that showcase the talent of every candidate
  • Vervoe assesses every candidate with autogradable skill assessments

313c – Best hiring decisions by measuring culture-fit and competency-matching through psychometric online games 

  • Data-driven, bias-free & automated selection granting diversity, inclusion & equality
  • Cost & time saving for Recruiter, Hiring Manager & Candidate
  • Highly attractive, engaging & meaningful online experience for Candidate

Amberjack – digital assessment tool that supports organisations to identify future potential in candidates

  • Predicts future success and performance by identifying high potential
  • Efficiently assesses large volumes of applications and sifts out up to 85%
  • Scientifically rigorous and designed in partnership with diversity specialists

Arctic Shores – Pre-hire assessments capture work-relevant natural behaviours, providing interactive assessments and more authentic data

  • Their assessments ask zero questions. Instead, they capture candidates’ real behaviour 
  • Their assessments have no adverse impact on protected groups. Give every candidate a fair shot, and create a more diverse, dynamic workplace 
  • By replacing typical questions with interactive tasks, and providing instant feedback, candidates enjoy an engaging, rewarding and stress-free process.

Assessfirst – Look beyond someone’s CV, assess who they really are, what they want to do and how they want to do it

  • Candidate experience like no other Assess potential in an unbias and fair way, in order to ensure that you hire the right candidate who compliments your company culture and who will thrive within your business Covers the full life-cycle: Talent acquisition, Talent development, Talent mobility.

PredictiveHire – Acts on your behalf to interview EVERY candidate at scale with a friendly & reliable conversational text-chat interview

  • Fast: Candidates are assessed, scored and ranked using Ai, dramatically reducing recruiter time and effort – 90% recruiter time savings (against standard processes)
  • Fair: Blind screening at its best with the same structured interview for every candidate and objective scoring of only the answers given
  • Candidate Experience: An accessible, mobile-first familiar text experience that candidates enjoy with no confronting videos or questionnaires. 99% candidate satisfaction and 90% completion rates

ThriveMap – Personalised ‘real-life’ pre-hire assessments for volume hiring

  • Fully customised to communicate your role realities and company culture narratives
  • Candidates assessed via real-work scenarios they’re likely to encounter in the role
  • Assessment Optimisation suite to improve the predictive powers of your assessments over time

myInterview – Video Interviewing, screening, assessment & live conversations – advanced, powerful and affordable

  • Deep candidate insights un-randomize the incoming stack of applications allowing you to find the best matches for your company in a fraction of the time of the traditional process
  • Asynchronous (one-way) and live (2-way) video interviews in one platform
  • FREE to start, one-hour to full setup, no complicated onboarding or setup.

Codility – A platform that helps you adapt and recruit talented engineers faster and at scale–turning new challenges into your greatest opportunities

  • Remote – first hiring: hire talented developers – anytime, anywhere 
  • Hiring at high scale: hire a world-class team faster while cutting interview hours for both engineers and recruiters. 
  • Building diverse teams: give every candidate the chance to shine.

Elbo – The smarter way to build high-performing digital teams, hiring tech professionals has never been easier

  • Powerful CV-less, data-driven digital hiring platform
  • On-tap from our expert tech, delivery and HR team
  • Fair, fixed fees

TopScore –  A digital assessment centre platform for a paperless and virtual approach

  • Inbuilt videoconferencing
  • Digital scoring with dashboards, 
  • Paperless and seamless experience for candidates

Zinc – sets the new standard for automated reference and background checking tools available on the market

  • Save time: A fully automated solution in your ATS, save 90 mins per check
  • User-experience: Elevate your candidate’s experiences with a modern mobile-friendly solution that gifts applicants with data.
  • Due diligence: Check packages to comply with industry regulations and provide clear insights from reports through data analysis.

Equitas – Collaborative and anonymous panel interviews to reduce bias, capture and analysis of interview data, auto-generated feedback to improve CX

  • Collaborative and anonymous panel interviews to reduce bias
  • Capture and analysis of interview data
  • Auto-generate feedback to improve candidate experience.

Metaview – The Interview Intelligence Platform — Metaview uplevels the most important part of your recruitment process: Your interviews.

  • Seamless, compliant transcription of interviews via the tools you already use
  • Our conversation analytics engine helps you understand the quality of your interview process and your interviewer population-based on real data
  • Metaview provides personalised, contextual feedback to interviewers to help them improve.

Recii – AI driven conversational voice platform used in the assessment of candidates

  • The only voice-first AI conversation tool
  • Operates across multiple channels including WebChat, Voice and WhatsApp
  • Streamlines recruitment processes without sacrificing on candidate experience

Coensus HR – Psychometric assessments, skills testing and applicant tracking system designed for in-house recruiters

  • Offering a recruitment insight rarely appreciated from only reading CVs, undertaking interviews and relying on gut-instinct.
  • Coensus show you the person behind the well-coached, interview-ready candidate; the person that will actually turn up for work on day one

VONQ – Turn active and passive candidates into qualified applicants through targeted advertising

  • Data based media recommendations for optimal channel selection
  • Recruitment Analytics suite to analyse recruiting and media performance
  • Available as SaaS platform through your browser or directly integrated into your ATS


Engaging and connecting with talent is not the easiest task as you have to get the balance just right. Come on too strong and you can push the candidate away, not enough communication and they can lose interest. 96% of employers interviewed said they will continue to use onboarding systems post-pandemic. (Randstad Sourceright Talent Trends)

The leading Engagement technologies available on the market 

Jobvite – A comprehensive Talent Acquisition Suite to attract, engage, hire, onboard, and promote the talent your business needs to succeed

  • Ongoing partnership to drive Talent Acquisition outcomes using Jobvite’s proprietary EVOLVE TA maturity framework
  • AI-powered automation and analytics 
  • End-to-end TA capabilities plus hundreds of integration and channel partners.

Connectr – a digital mentoring and online learning content platform that builds real connections between your business and its people

  • Supports and inspires new and existing talent through smart mentor matching 
  • Connectr drives candidate and employee engagement through bite-sized learning content
  • Connectr is key for talent pooling in retaining engagement with potential future talent, as well as existing staff, to promote upcoming opportunities, news, and roles. 

Niikiis – a plug & play intuitive employee experience platform, which saves you both time and money in the process

  • Plug & play intuitive employee experience platform
  • Easy to integrate
  • Fast adoption

Enboarder – The leading experience-driven onboarding platform, changing onboarding experiences for good

  • Build and own the onboarding journey
  • Coach and empower your managers 
  • Wow every new hire with personalised onboarding experiences, at scale

Eli – Experience-led onboarding tech that empowers HR to create successful onboarding experiences

  • Personalises your whole onboarding experience, process and content
  • Virtually builds communities, connections and friendships
  • Automates, streamlines and manages your whole onboarding process, as well as anyone involved in it (such as those pesky line managers)

Video my job Employee-generated video platform aiding teams to amplify their message to better engage colleagues, candidates and clients.

  • Reduce video turn-around time from weeks to minutes with ready-made scripts, team scheduling and remote editing
  • Keep every video on-message and on-brand with fixed templates, video plans and shared asset libraries
  • An all-in-one video solution for employer branding, recruitment marketing, employee engagement and short learning bites

Candidate.ID – a leading marketing automation for pipelining, nurturing and recruiting in-demand talent

  • Daily hot candidate leads straight into your recruiters’ inboxes
  • Considerable reduction in sourcing time
  • Optimum, personalised candidate experience


Management tools can range from ATS’s to Diversity & Inclusion technology, but what they all have in common is they encompass an end to end solution. Workforce Management tools were one of the top 10 technologies implemented during the pandemic (Randstad Sourceright Talent Trends).  

The leading Management technologies available on the market  

Cornerstone – Talent Link – A consumer-grade TA platform that helps enterprise organisations discover, engage, assess, select, hire & onboard the right people.

  • Offers agility, scalability and configurability to meet any recruitment use case
  • Built with the experience in mind (candidates, recruiters and hiring managers)
  • Ready to support hiring for skills rather than experience

Headstart – Fight discrimination and enable opportunity with Headstart, applicant matching and management software for early talent teams.

  • Fight discrimination by assessing every candidate equally, and in context of their lives
  • Discover future leaders by discovering a candidate’s potential and maximize hiring accuracy with science
  • Reduce time-to-hire with automated workflows throughout the hiring process.

Recruitee – Powerful, intuitive TA platform that makes collaborative hiring easy for you, your team & company

  • Ease Of Use
  • Employer Branding
  • Collaborative hiring

Recruitive – A highly configurable and intuitive ATS to efficiently attract and select the very best talent

  • End to End Recruitment Solution
  • White-labelled to The Client
  • Configurable

Honeit – Turning interviews into insights through automation, conversation intelligence and interview collaboration

  • Scheduling automation 
  • Call recording/transcription
  • Job/candidate previews

People Matter – Intelligent wellness. Designed by people, for people.

  • Combining leading human understanding and technology to design wellness solutions that help people and organisations be at their best.
  • Developed on a better understanding of human behaviour.
  • Enabled by intelligent technology

Syft – UK’s number 1 on-demand staffing platform, matching workers with employers in Industrial, Care, Retail and more

  • Lower fees
  • Control and choice of who you hire
  • On-demand access to highly skilled workers

Horsefly – provides data that supports businesses to make more informed accurate decisions around hiring strategy

  • Accurate Market data 
  • Supporting Cost avoidance/saving 
  • Reducing time to hire.

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