TA Global Gathering Highlights

When setting up the initial blueprints for TA Global Gathering, our core aim was to bring the TA industry together on a global scale. After spending months in relative isolation, communication and the feeling of togetherness is key.

The industry was certainly united on a global scale, as we had TA professionals from 101 different countries come together to explore the wide world of TA.

Attendees left feeling hugely motivated and inspired, and for that we have to thank our 140+ expert speakers! The 2 days were solidly packed with invaluable insight, education and experiences across a diverse spectrum of subjects, delivered by speakers who truly are the best in the business, resulting in a whopping 7,667 hours of content being consumed.

Here are some session highlights from the 2 days:

Black Women Rise Panel

(Janine Dennis, Jasmine Wilkes, Kimberley Codrington, Keirsten Greggs, Sarah Morgan & Tiffany Kuehl)

The Black Women Rise Panel featured five dynamic Black women who all work within the HR and TA industries, and they provided the TA Global Gathering audience with an honest discussion about race and work.

Their fireside chat came after the killing of George Floyd and the outcry that ensued on the part of Black people around the globe. Their candid discussion involved the exchanging of thoughts and experiences around navigating the World of Work and Race Relations.

A jarring statement was made at the beginning of the session: ‘We tend to shy away from this kind of conversation’. But we are forever grateful that they provided us with their wisdom and the following powerful statements:

“We are still in a state where people are afraid to say the word ‘Black'” 

“There aren’t a lot of people who look like me when I go into an office”

Eric Carroll-Stonehewer

Eric Carroll-Stonehewer gave a presentation on all things culture and values, and provided insight into making an impact with Culture Curators. Culture Curators are pre-trained employees who are ready to discuss life at your company. They are a key way to fully embed culture and values across the recruitment process.

Eric was his company’s first in-house recruiter and, with company culture being a constant defining topic, he wanted to ensure culture and values were challenged and championed.

He achieved this by utilising the best asset a company could possibly have – their employees! ‘Your people build your culture and embody your values’.

Elena Valentine

Elena Valentine provided the TA Global Gathering audience with tips and strategies on how to start telling your team’s recruitment stories to prospective candidates that reflect the climate we are currently in.

The presentation began with a frank look into what’s happening in the world of work at the moment and the questions candidates might have: ‘What are my options for working at home? Did the company make people redundant?’

These are the questions that we want to turn into our company stories. At the moment it is not about showcasing ‘a day in the life at this organisation’ through content. We want to tell the kinds of contemporary stories that candidates want to hear about, the ones centred around ‘the now’.

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Kevin Grossman

Kevin Grossman’s session took an in-depth look at candidate and employee experience considerations for today and tomorrow. The experience that candidates and employees are receiving today will impact our businesses and brands for years to come.

COVID-19 has devastated the global economy and the recruitment world and, whilst many companies have made redundancies and paused hiring altogether, employee and candidate communication have never been more crucial.

“It’s all about clear communication and empathy while improving the impact on your business and the brand”.

John Vlastelica

John Vlastelica provided TA Global Gathering attendees with some sage wisdom on recruitment leadership. With passionate delivery he highlighted how we all have to play a more active role in demonstrating our own expertise.

Too often we lead with the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ and don’t do enough to share our opinions, to explain the ‘why’ behind our strategy or process recommendations.

In his session, John breaks down the 7 critical areas where you need to let your point of view shine!

Lars Schmidt

Lars Schmidt’s session focused on where modern HR has moved the needle from old school to new school and lays the groundwork for what 21st century HR looks like.

For example, old school HR teams and leaders were obsessed with command and control. They created complex processes in which everything flowed through HR which results in stifled innovation.

Modern HR teams are all about decentralising and empowering. It’s all about putting trust in your employees and creating a framework that will allow them to do their best work.

TA Global Gathering On-Demand

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TOP TIP: Have the agenda open so you can find your favourite speakers/topics and see when they were on!