Recruitment marketing, employer brand and EVP

About the Talk

At our first EVP of 2019 we took a step back and holistically discuss the nuances that affect all of the following:

  • How recruitment/talent marketing has adopted automation
  • Measuring brand effectiveness through your communications team
  • How to use reverse engineering to reveal your true EVP
  • Why your employer brand is worth more than you think, commercially
  • Looking back at the brand strategies on a budget + tools review

Our event offered various insights across the Talent Acquisition journey, from defining your Employer Value Proposition to building your Employer Brand and then showcasing all of the hard work through your Recruitment Marketing.

Understanding your company values and therefore the heart of your EVP is difficult in a fast-paced world of commercial industry. Many companies look inwards to measure their attractiveness to talent. This coupled with how we can best showcase our company in the right place, at the right time to the right people creates an ever-moving goal-post that is, for a lot of companies, a never-ending task.