RecFestOneWorld Virtual Workshops & Networking 101

The Why

Back when virtual events were not the standard and we were putting on our physical events, we always aimed to create a passionate environment that relied on not only learning from the experts, but raw peer-to-peer learning. The insight, ideas and experiences that were shared during our renowned roundtables were unparalleled. The crowdsourcing and generating of solutions to common industry-wide problems that would take place were a force of true camaraderie.

This is why when we were setting out the blueprints for #RecFestOneWorld (click here to find out more), we knew that we needed to convert our valued collaborative learning and roundtables to the virtual space. Luckily for us, and our community, we have discovered and invested in a new-to-market video engagement technology! This technology creates virtual meeting spaces allowing attendees to converse in real-time and connect in a way that feels like an in-person event.   

The How

We will be utilising the immersive video engagement technology Remo for all of our workshops and open networking sessions. You will receive a link from us ahead of the event to set up your Remo account and profile which will show other participants your top-line details.

Once you’re all set up the interactivity is endless! The Remo platform is set out into a floorplan of separate virtual tables and you can attend both workshops and networking sessions with a click of a button.

Virtual Workshops have never been smoother!

Participate in solution charged group think tanks that will result in actionable output, but in a safe environment!

Workshop features:
– Hosts are able to utilise live Q&A
– An interactive whiteboard where hosts & attendees can jot down key insights and map out plans and ideas in a creative way
– Hosts can invite participants to stage for discussions
– Live chat with other participants taking part in the workshop

Virtual networking has been revolutionised!

You have two options.

The first is to plan a time and a table to meet any of your team/colleagues/FWI’s (friends within industry) to discuss any of the presentations or workshops you may have mutually attended. Or you can simply use the table to catch up and have lunch together, it is your choice!

The second option is to utilise our platform for the traditional function for networking – meet new people! Network in a safe environment by joining open tables and sharing insight and experiences with new industry peers!

The When

Both our virtual networking sessions and workshops will take place across all of the 3 days (23rd, 24th & 25th of September). The networking sessions will commence at 01:15pm (BST) for an open networking lunch and workshops will all begin at 02:15pm (BST).

If you haven’t got your #RecFestOneWorld tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Head to the RecFestOneWorld website now to find out more and grab your FREE ticket: