Graduate Recruitment DIY (it’s not that hard)!

About the Talk

Sarah Wallace spoke at our most recent Early Careers event the changes within the industry over the last 20 years. Acceleration of change within the industry seems vast, with the introduction of telephone interviews, ATS, video interviews to gamification the assessment space has changed drastically.

With these different approaches to assessment to aid the experience and elevate the attraction of organisations, there are many opportunities for organisations to stand out amongst the crowd.

Sarah looks at the typical graduate season, which now seems to be more of an overlying concept to graduates who are constantly exposed to your organisations values and cultures online.

The armoury, as Sarah describes, is now no longer ties to one season, and also applies to varying levels of university degrees.

So, how can you choose which route to go down?

Watch Sarah’s talk to find out more on the lessons she has learned, what you need to understand and question whether or not you are selecting the right candidates or not?

About the Speaker

Sarah Wallace is the Global Head of Talent Acquisition for Tale and Lyle and RL100 member whose experience and passion lies within the early careers market.