Volume hiring

About the Talk

How does a request for 500 hires, turn into 2500 overnight?

Jon Warwick spoke at the Innovation Circus about how you react when you need to react at pace. Working in a high-turnover environment at Sainsbury’s, which recruits 70,000 people a year – hiring 2500 hires seems like an easy, but when the request changes your initial target, and occurs overnight – how do you solve these challenges to recruit at volume.

Having faced many of the same challenges others face in modern recruitment, he reveals the strategies that helped fill in the gaps. 

About the Speaker

Jon Warwick is the Group Head of Recruitment @ Sainsbury’s. With plenty of experience, he has managed in-House, outsourced and blended team models. Working with Sainsbury’s, who recruit over 70,000 people a year, he has overseen plenty of change and innovation.