Neuro-diversity at work: Eliminating kryptonite, enabling superheroes

About the Talk

Theo Smith spoke passionately at last year’s Resourcing Leaders Summit in Crewe and gave his perspective of the current state of neurodiversity in the world of work. In candid fashion, Theo told his own personal story of his struggles with not fitting in, nor wanting to fit in at school. A story of self-diagnosing not only Dyslexia but also ADHD. 

As a community and an industry we have to ask ourselves what sort of a candidate experience might a neuro-diverse individual encounter when applying to our organisations? And, once an employee, how welcoming are our workplaces to neuro-diverse individuals? A lot has already been achieved, but there is the potential to achieve so much more both for and with the neuro-diverse.

About the Speaker

Once upon a time Theo professional Actor. He now uses his thespian skills to entertain his daughter and son, and to bring his employers brand to life here at NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

“I’m Neurodiverse and a Neurodiversity advocate, inbox me or read my blogs on #ChatTalent to learn more!” – Theo Smith

2019 brought Theo onto the #RL100 future leader’s programme, and, as a futurist, he is committed to positively engaging, learning from, impacting and transforming the in-house recruitment and Talent Acquisition industry.