Understanding ASD: Make inclusion invisible

About the Talk

Dr. Annie Clements took to the inclusive.hiring stage to discuss inclusive practices within your workplaces.

Inclusive practice is when all employees feel wanted & valued, when you go to work with a specific difference or not, it is essential as an employer to value ALL employees. When an employment is truly inclusive it will benefit all employees and not just those with disabilities. Although there are three main areas of inclusive practice around autism and ADHD – which are: how we use language, how we can create environments, how we can run things… Are these not just a standard we should be setting, regardless of inclusion?

Dr. Clements speaks about clarity, and expectations. We need to be clearer about what our expectations are. Simple honest statements can be construed as confusing to those with autism, the construct of a sentence or job-related description can often be seen as ‘simple’ but in reality are more exclusive to candidates that have to subjectively understand the meaning.For example, “Contribute to team meetings” ultimately has many different associations to those that read sentences literally.  

Further to this, Dr. Clements also discusses how learning about autism & ADHD can give clarity and improve working lives, and working relationships. Instead of seeing people with “issues” as an ‘issue’, how do we learn and change the tone to benefit everyone?

Did you know that 25% of the population is living with autism, ADHD or with another mental health issue. The benefits of utilising inclusive practice will have an added benefit to your customers and your clients.

About the Speaker

Dr Annie Clements (hons) is founder and CEO of the multi-award winning Social Enterprise, Autism & ADHD whose aim is to make the Complex easy to understand. It is a life span service providing support, information & training for all those living and working with Autism, ADHD and Mental health issues.