The Resourcing Leaders 2022

To Influence, Educate & Deliver.

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It’s our aim, as experts in the business, to influence the perception of our industry.

To educate those in the sector to be their best selves in delivering exceptional business value. And to deliver actionable and relatable outcomes, insights, and amazing thought-provoking events – in fact, anything we put our minds to. In this ever-changing landscape, we find ourselves having to deliver greater results with fewer resources.

We’re making daily decisions that have huge implications within unknown territories and, as we work from home or with smaller teams, we find ourselves isolated and lacking a sense of belonging. It’s safe to say that the importance of learning from industry peers and having the backing of a community is more vital than ever.

We know leaders are feeling isolated, powerless, and with reducing headcounts to deal with. However, we take pride in the fact that our members have benefitted enormously from the community, so we want to roll that out to all Talent Acquisition leaders.