The Recruitment Events Network

What is TREN?

The Recruitment Events Network is an extended ecosystem of events facilitated by our carefully selected partners with the aim to better serve our own community of TA professionals by providing high-value opportunities to learn and network outside of our own events.

Tren offers vetted companies, communities, and groups the opportunity to learn from our experience, use our tried and tested systems and processes, and have their own events promoted to our community of TA professionals. And we are offering this service for FREE.

Who can use TREN?

If you are a community of recruiters, a vendor, or anyone else that has an interest in better educating the TA market you can use The Recruitment Events Network.


  1. The event can not fall on the same day as a Recruitment Events company event
  2. The event can not be sponsored
  3. All public liability sits with the company hosting event, not with The Recruitment Events Company
  4. All partners must have an Eventbrite page created by The Recruitment Events Company and share all attendee data
  5. Any partner that consistently dips below standards on feedback from attendees can not remain part of the TREC network
  6. If existing partners want to feature on monthly mailers to our community in addition to site coverage we must have all elements complete no later than 6 weeks prior to scheduled event
  7. Events must not be marketed through other events providers
  8. We hold the right to refuse content based on high levels of frequency


To be included in the email announcement, you will need to complete the TREN Event Form before the deadline date.

Feb 5th Jan 29thJan 22nd 
March 10th March 3rd Feb 25th 
April 9th April 2nd March 26th 
May 19th May 12th May 5th 
June 16th June 9th June 2nd 
July 21stJuly 14th July 7th 
August 18thAugust 11th August 4th 
September 15th September 8th September 1st 
October 15thOctober 8th October 1st 

If you are a community of recruiters, a vendor, or anyone else that has an interest in better educating the TA market, fill in the form below to have your events considered for The Recruitment Events Network.

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