The importance of data in your recruitment process

About the Talk

“Given this increase in complexity in today’s world, there is a growing demand, importance and value that talent and market intelligence teams can provide in determining organisations buy Vs build strategy, talent attraction strategy and location strategy, this is what the Talent Intelligence function can provide.”

Toby is an expert of Talent Intelligence and shared with the Resourcing Leaders 100 the journey and challenges Phillips is currently going through, changing from a company specialised in products to a company specialised in solutions, converting to a digital company.

About the Speaker

Toby Culshaw (Head of Talent Intelligence, Philips) is in charge of all research, talent Intelligence and labour risk and feasibility intelligence, across the breadth of the Philips organisation globally. He has worked in a number of guises; external search, internal, RPO and ran his own research firm. The key for Toby throughout has been and using the insight and intelligence gathered through research/search activities to have a true business impact.