The future of work with Kevin Green

About the Talk

In this 3 part series, Kevin Green speaks all about the Future of Work delivering an emphatic presentation which covers different areas of an organisation.

In part 1 Kevin covers; flexible working, the ageing workforce, millennials and immigration. Does the UK have a full blown talent crisis?

In part 2 Kevin speaks about job polarisation, how technology has always destroyed jobs and the return on human capital. People, brands and relationships; 85% of the value in our organisations is driven by intellectual, intangible assets, yet there needs to be a huge shift in organisations approach in gathering data of their employees to be able to understand their focus needs to be on.

In part 3 Kevin talks about motivation and engaging our talent. Organisations aren’t changing, and the disruption that we are facing means that successful organisations are the ones who are going to be able to nurture and retain talent.

About the Speaker

Kevin Green is an experienced business leader and is currently a Chairman, Non-Executive Director and Strategic Advisor to middle-market businesses who are focused on technology, people or recruitment services. An experienced TEDx speaker, commentator and blogger on jobs, people lead business transformation, leader and competing with culture. Kevin is also a regular contributor to broadcast and print media on the UK labour market and published author on Competitive People Strategy.