The fine art of not fitting in

About the Talk

How do we make space in our organisations for fitting in? Dr J Harrison spoke at Inclusive.Hiring 2020 about the the fine art of not fitting in. They spoke about how their social identity is constantly challenged within recruitment processes, and how you can make simple steps towards being an inclusive workplace.

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that diverse teams produce better outcomes. But how do we make a diverse team inclusive? How do we make space for differences in thinking, and understanding on our teams. Through personal stories of an adult life in technology, queer theory, and practical examples that cost nothing to implement (they don’t even need policies!) this talk shows how you can make space in your team for difference. Simple things can make space so your teams are inclusive for all sorts of Diversity

About the Speaker

Out as Transgressive Non-Binary GenderQueer for over 10 years, Dr. J has been bringing queer theory (with a slice of humour) into the tech space, building on Thoughtworks’ dedication to inclusivity and intersectionality. Dr J takes a strategic view of cultural change in Technology through a few lenses, notably queer theory.

This combines well with their years of experience using agile processes to build software and a talent for really understanding clients – looking at the problems they are solving and how to make great teams to deliver real value.

Their passion? How you can do things better with just simple changes – bringing their Service Design thinking into both the Technology and the Diversity and Inclusion spaces.

Troublemaker. #queernuisance

Pronoun: They