Overcoming self-report bias

About the Talk

Al Frater, UK General Manager for Arctic Shores spoke at the inaugural inclusive.hiring 2020 about a new decade for assessment, it’s time to leave the reliance on a candidates self-report behind.

Over the last few years we’ve seen a change to the modern recruitment landscape and the explosion of HR Technology into the marketplace will often bring their critics on the impact towards diversity, bias and inclusion.

How can we ensure that we are in complete control of the systems and the bias which may affect the technology that it utilised – can you trust the data you have? There are areas of hiring, including blind auditions, interview, the CV etc. which Al has problems with – they all rely on a self-report.

A self-report is the reliance on the candidate to tell you the truth about themselves – How can we be confident in what we’re getting, would a candidate lie to you? Discussing predictive hiring & Arctic Shores – has the time come to stop asking candidates questions?

The purpose around monitoring candidate behaviours is to reduce bias, and improve inclusivity – key principals at the foundations of Arctic Shores. There is a way around moving that self-report away from your recruitment process which will benefit you in predictive power, you will have improve metrics and more reliance on your data.

About the Speaker

Alastair Frater is the UK General Manager for innovative HR Tech solution Arctic Shores.

Arctic Shores is a Consultative Selection and Assessment solution building for new and existing clients utilising the full range of Arctic Shores’ innovative psychometrics – all delivered using game technology.