Everyone wants Ice Cream

About the Talk

If you are expecting a D&I conversation similar to most D&I talks, you are in for a disappointment.

Torin Ellis spoke at the inaugural inclusive.hiring event where he gave an honest account into the state of diversity in the recruitment industry and how the conversations that have been happening for over 100 years keeps starting from the first touchpoint. Operating out of Love and Process – Torin believes that we have people in our organisations that need a little agitation and disruption to make the necessary changes they say they ‘want’ to make within their companies. Torin talks about the need to find your voice and getting leadership involved is essential in fixing the culture problem, it is time to start curing complacency by erasing excuses within your functions.

About the Speaker

Torin Ellis is a global speaker on the recruitment circuit and spoke at the inaugural inclusive.hiring event. Torin leads a progress boutique with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy. Torin empowers a companies talent function through a comprehensive catalog of human capital solutions to ensure teams effectively attract, nurture, and retain the most dynamic talent necessary to not only meet, but transcend business vision.