Interview best practice; in-person and video

About the Talk

Tammy Ross spoke at our afternoon event on the topic of assessment and selection). Tammy’s presentation covered interview best practice as with any organisation it takes time to introduce new processes, new tools and introductions of new technology. Sifting through 750,000+ applications per year can seem like a daunting process so to have a robust and effective assessment process for a large organisation such as Sainsbury’s is key. Tammy covers Sainsbury’s head office recruitment and discusses the interview toolkit, an online portal for in-house allowing hiring managers full coverage for upcoming interviews. Moving onto the retail side, Tammy discusses the transformation around this sector, moving from 22 distinct roles to 5 job families, allowing for more flexibility and traversable skillsets for retail.

About the Speaker

Tammy Ross is the Assessment and Selection Manager at Sainsbury’s. Tammy has valuable experience and insights into the entire talent lifecycle, including identifying key competencies, screening for selection, identifying and developing potential and ongoing assessment of performance.