I don’t want to work there

About the Talk

Dethra Giles spoke live at #RecFest 2019 on the Brainfood stage. Dethra spoke about ‘EmployeePreneur’. Dethra talks about why are you not having the chance to get the type of candidates you want. Getting and retaining top talent and the ability to get the candidates our hiring managers want and need.

‘People no longer want to come to work, hate their jobs, ho home and do the same the next day. People want a job they are passionate about that allow them to thrive. Creating that type of culture is the key to attracting and keeping top talent’

About the Speaker

Dethra Giles is the Chief Bridge Architect of her self-developed company, ExecuPrep – which aims to help their clients build and cross their bridge from ‘I want to be’ to ‘I am’. To learn more about Dethra’s story visit www.DethraGiles.com.