WEBINAR: Writing Inclusive Job Adverts: Attracting Neurodiverse Talent  ·
Online Webinar

About the Event

Following on from our fully booked workshop at Inclusive Hiring 20, this webinar will give you the tools and knowledge to write inclusive, engaging job ads every time. Together with recruitment marketer and neurodiversity hiring champion Nikki Hayford, we’ll explore how to write job adverts that appeal to everyone, with a specific focus on attracting neurodiverse talent.
What will be covered:
• Writing for clarity and readability
• Eliminating unconscious bias
• Attracting neurodiverse talent
• Jargon and figures of speech
• High performing job titles
• Pronouns and gendered language
• Reviewing your job ads for inclusivity using the Pre-Launch Checklist

The Speakers

Jenny Handy
Marketing Lead, nthuse

Nikki Hayford
Founder, Unikseek

Our Partner

Online Webinar

24th March, 2020 @ 10:00 am

The Agenda

  1. Why inclusive language is important
  2. How to review your ads for inclusivity and bias
  3. Using the inclusive adverts Pre-Launch Checklist
  4. Why you should be hiring neurodiverse talent
  5. How to write job adverts that attract neurodiverse talent

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