Webinar: Where to start in order to recruit in a more inclusive way?  ·
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For a few years now, the recruitment market has been, above all, a “Candidate’s Market”. The time when it was enough to put a job advert on-line for candidates to then apply by submitting a CV, has long passed!
Faced with this shortage of talent, companies are led to turn to more ‘atypical’ profiles: i.e. those with experience that is not aligned with the primary requirements of the job, Initial training or academic experience that is more unconventional…
And yet, despite this move towards considering these ‘less typical’ profiles, many inequalities still persist when somebody is trying to find a job.
Whether gender, origin or age, some criteria still seem to have a strong impact on the probability of somebody getting an appointment with the recruiter.
During this webinar, we will highlight, current typical practices of recruiters. We will also present the results of our latest survey on the recruitment of atypical profiles. You will discover how to start to recruit in a more inclusive way!

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Becca Guinchard
Account Executive @ AssessFirst

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Online Webinar

18th February, 2020 @ 10:00 am

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