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About the Event

#socialdistancing. Just a few days ago, nobody was aware of this now-crucial term. Despite the current period of uncertainty, LinkedIn and other platforms are filled with “we’re hiring” posts. Life – and work – must go on.

The previously unassuming #WFH is now trending, as we embark on a new, unexpected reality. Companies are sharply moving toward #remotework, and this shift is likely to continue in the coming months. The candidate market is spiking – layoffs on one hand, and many businesses quickly picking up the newly available quality talent.

myInterview provides an immediate solution in the employment process. Using a frictionless video interview platform, candidates receive a link to answer a sequence of short questions using video. Predictive analytics provides insights into candidate responses, and the system creates a shortlist that the recruiter can review in their own time.


– What is video interviewing anyway? How is this different than using Zoom?

– Tips, tricks and best practices for video interviewing

– Sneak peak into automated shortlisting

– The psychology behind modern assessments

The Speakers

Eliav Rodman
CMO @ myInterview

Benjy Gillman
CEO @ myInterview

Clayton Donnelly
Organizational Psychologist @ CHC Consulting

Our Partner

Online Webinar

26th March, 2020 @ 11:00 am

The Agenda

– Overview / Intro
– HR consultant background on remote work and hiring
– Video interviewing overview
– myInterview platform show and tell
– Q&A

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