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The Snooze Factor – could rest be the performance booster your employees need?
Eyes wide shut – what we know about rest sleep and why you can’t ignore it.
You will know that there are 3 cornerstones that underpin optimum performance in the workplace, good nutrition, physical activity and a good night’s sleep. Many organisations have wellbeing provision in place for the first two, from fruit boxes, healthy choices in the restaurant, yoga sessions and gym memberships. Until now, the third has been somewhat overlooked, perhaps in the belief that sleeping is something we all need to do at home and at night.
However, working patterns are changing – working across time zones, early starts, late evenings, emails looked at outside the office, flexible hours – the working day is no longer 9-5. Plus there are more working parents, older workers and people kept awake by anxiety and stress & indeed 79% of us do not get the recommended 7-8 hours’ sleep at night.
We are the nation of the Working Tired and the cost of the sleep depravation epidemic cannot be ignored.
Power Naps are the answer. Putting napping at the heart of your wellbeing strategy is the natural way to recharge your people and maintain their engagement.
Not only do 20 minute naps boost performance, but they are the sign of a progressive organisation employer brand that fully embraces its inclusive approach to employee wellbeing.
Join our webinar and find out the crucial role a well-rested mind makes to speed, accuracy, decision-making, concentration, good conversations, outlook and mood. For both wellbeing and the bottom line, it’s time to open your eyes to making workplace naps acceptable and accessible to all.
What will be covered:
  • The 7 reasons organisations need to normalise napping in the workplace now
  • The proven workplace benefits of a 20-minute nap
  • Our guest expert speaker Robert Herring CBE will share his experience as the former head of the UK’s bomb disposal capability on the importance of sleep and rest for high performance in critical situations.

The Speakers

Cara Moore
CEO and Nap Fanatic @ ProNappers

Robert Herring CBE
Performance Coach

Our Partner

Online Webinar

31st March, 2020 @ 12:30 pm

The Agenda

The webinar will take the form of presentation slides and a dialogue between Performance Coach Robert Herring CBE and Cara Moore for 25 minutes.

We will then have Q&A for 20 minutes.

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