Webinar: The Anatomy of a Successful Recruitment Video  ·
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About the Event

Not every company is trying to attract the same talent, so why do so many employers use the same style of video?
It’s a question that we need to break down.
Careers videos are a standard now: irrespective of industry or experience level, we all know that people’s attention is best grabbed by something they see instead of read. So we’re hosting an interactive webinar, in preparation for our event, ‘Eyes on the prize: Maintaining viewer attention in the age of the scroll’, to dissect exactly what makes a viewer tick and how to tell your story, your way, for your audience.
Join Wiser’s Production Manager, Isobel Moulder, as she rounds up your week, talking to the employer branding experts Becky Pulley and Afonso Veiga about what makes a successful recruitment video and why it’s important.


What will be covered:
  • Why videos work to attract talent
  • How to avoid the clichés and ensure you maintain a viewers attention
  • How recruitment videos impact internal talent, as well as potential candidates
  • How to use your peoples’ stories to add to your company’s narrative
  • Why ‘talking-head’ videos have such a bad rep
  • How you can do them differently and make use of innovations happening in the space

The Speakers

Isobel Moulder
Productions Manager at Wiser

Becky Pulley
Employer Brand Manager at Adevinta

Afonso Veiga
Social Media Manager at BT

Our Partner

Online Webinar

21st February, 2020 @ 4:00 pm

200 Attendees

The Agenda

1600-1625: Panel Discussion

1625-1645: Audience Q&A

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