WEBINAR: The 3 psychological principles to make employee referrals successful  ·

About the Event

We know the ‘why’ when it comes to referrals. But most of us don’t understand the ‘how’. You’ve probably heard the stats that state referred candidates are cheaper to hire, better quality and tend to stay longer in the business. That’s all true, but it doesn’t help with implementation. To really learn how to make referrals work for your organisation you need to understand some basic principles around the psychology of employee behaviour when it comes to motivating and rewarding employee referrals and advocacy.


What will be covered in the event:

– Why referral schemes are challenging to get right.

– 3 psychological theories that shape the success of a referral scheme.

– The critical actions of HR & Talent Acquisition teams need to take to implement referrals into their business.

– How the Real Links platform has been built to cater to these 3 critical behavioural theories.

The Speakers

Sam Davies
CEO @ Real Links

Our Partner


27th August, 2020 @ 12:00 pm

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