WEBINAR: New Normals – The Role of Automation and Data in Improving Recruiting Efficiency and Effectiveness  ·
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About the Event

Research conducted for Oleeo in Spring 2020 revealed that 63% of large enterprise recruiting leaders believe finding and attracting quality hires is the greatest challenge facing their businesses. Yet, while companies that use data to automate decision-making are twice as likely to improve quality of hire, only 32% of recruiting leaders are confident in the data they have available to make decisions.

In this webinar Talent Acquisition veteran and industry expert, Jeanette Leeds Maister will introduce the concept of Recruiting Enablement, sharing best practices in applying technology, automation, and data to reduce recruiter workload, while maintaining recruiting outcomes.

We are living through a historic time that is creating new normals at an extraordinary rate. Whether you are hiring faster than ever before to fill essential roles, or facing a hiring slowdown and need to protect the health of your future talent pipeline, Talent Acquisition and HR leaders can no longer afford to rely on a reactive or traditional approach to recruitment. They must look to the future for a force multiplier that is data-driven to meet the needs of businesses as well as the changing expectations of candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers alike.

What’s being discussed:

  • The unique challenges facing recruiters today
  • Research results: Trends in data and automation enabling more efficient and effective recruiting
  • How to protect the candidate experience (and your future talent pipeline)
  • Why recruiting in a time of economic uncertainty is more data-driven
  • How to make automation and data your friend, if not best ally
  • Why D&I is still key: how to hardwire D&I into recruiting

The Speakers

Jeanette Leeds Maister

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Online Webinar

27th May, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

100 Attendees

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