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About the Event

There’s been no greater urgency in making sure we humanise recruitment when so many are in the market for a role and there are so few roles to go round. We’re failing to do our job if we don’t put a good candidate experience at the heart of what we do. Ghosting and failing to give feedback is just not ok. Judging candidates on factors that have no impact on their ability to do a role is not in any way ‘understandable’. The answer to solving these industry-wide problems is Ai. Yes, technology is the answer to hiring with heart.


What will be covered in the webinar:

– Why Candidate Experience matters today more than ever

– The business case for a great Candidate Experience

– How technology and AI specifically can enhance your Candidate Experience AND make your recruiting more efficient and effective

The Speakers

Barb Hyman
CEO @ PredictiveHire

Our Partner


26th August, 2020 @ 10:00 am

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