WEBINAR: Has coronavirus laid low employer branding?  ·
Online Webinar

About the Event

Blackbridge Communications will lead an hour-long discussion on whether coronavirus has taken employer branding off the talent acquisition agenda. Blackbridge is looking forward to hearing contributions from as many RL members as possible.

What will be covered in the event:

• What are recruiters’ priorities during the lockdown?

• Can employer branding help with those priorities or not?

• What are some organisations doing now, employer brand-wise?

• How should recruiters manage their employer brand during the crisis?


The Speakers

Andrew Baird
Director of Consulting

Finn Lynch

Our Partner

Online Webinar

16th April, 2020 @ 12:00 pm

The Agenda


• Introduction to the session

• An overview of recruitment priorities during lockdown

• How employer branding might help with those priorities

• Examples of what employers are doing with employer brands during the crisis

• Ideas for what recruiters could be doing with their brands during the crisis

• There will be group discussion between each discussion point

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The Venue