WEBINAR: Fair hiring, reducing bias and hiring remotely at scale post Covid-19  ·

About the Event

“Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation” is one of the most commonly quoted phrases of 2020 with companies like Google saying now is the time to reset, pivot, and think big to transform your business operations to match new digital expectations.

In this talk Michael Blakley (Co-founder @ Equitas) will highlight what impact digital transformation will have on companies trying to hire at scale post Covid-19 and what candidate expectations will be. The focus will be on ways to ensure fair hiring practices and reducing bias when transitioning to a new digital approach and using new technology.

This talk will cover:

– Trends in hiring due to Covid-19

– Why fair hiring matters and how to build a case for diversity and inclusion internally

– How to debias your approach when hiring

– Tools and technology to help you attract, engage, assess and select candidates in a fair way

The Speakers

Michael Blakley
Co-founder @ Equitas

Our Partner


3rd September, 2020 @ 10:00 am

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