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About the Event

Talent pipeline automation is the tool you didn’t know you needed.

In this webinar, Adam Gordon (CEO & Co-Founder of Candidate.ID) will discuss how to use nurture marketing techniques and tracking technology that recruiting teams can leverage to create dynamic talent pipelines. Talent pipeline automation will ensure your talent pool consists of top candidates, all while drastically reducing your time-to-hire.

What will be covered at the event:

• Criteria which determine which areas of recruitment you should pipeline for

• How to create a content map which will take candidates on personalised nurture journeys

• How to easily generate a steady supply of suitable nurture marketing content from inside your TA team

• Technical components you need to automate your talent pipelines

The Speakers

Adam Gordon
CEO & Co-Founder of Candidate.ID

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26th August, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

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