WEBINAR: How AI supports Diversity Recruitment Strategies  ·
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About the Event

Diversity and Inclusion has received more attention from the C suite than ever. And rightfully so: it’s been proven that diversity drives economic growth, consumer preference, and helps to recruit a more qualified workforce. It also reduces employee turnover and fosters innovation internally.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the potential of AI to support organisations looking to mitigate bias in recruitment, talent management and candidate attraction processes.

A diverse workforce is now a business imperative – don’t miss the boat!


In this webinar we will share our thoughts on:

– What are Diversity and Inclusion

– How D&I are impacting organisations

– D&I in Talent Acquisition

– Overcoming implicit bias that impact recruitment with AI

– How to select a partner for your investments and projects in AI

– What are the risks and how to be aware of them

The Speakers

Mihai Rotaru
Head of R&D @ Textkernel

Ruth Moquet-Torcy
Alliances & Partnership Manager @ Textkernel

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Online Webinar

22nd September, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

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