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Let’s support and encourage the next generation of talent, together.


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A lost year for early talent, who at the very start of their career, have been left feeling unheard, anxious and at times forgotten. Despite all of these challenges, a large percentage of the next generation are more committed and inspired than ever to embark on a career path that they are passionate about. They are striving to make a real difference.

Hiring the workforce of tomorrow is not only paramount to ongoing organisational success but also societal success. This is why on the 17th of March we will introduce the very first Future.Talent online event.

Future.Talent will not only tackle the bigger societal challenges but will also have industry experts delivering a multitude of masterclasses and live collaborative workshops. We will also be going directly to the source by hosting a live student panel where you will get the exclusive opportunity to discover how they are really feeling about their employment prospects, development and wellbeing.

It is our responsibility as employers to ensure that the workforce of tomorrow have a smooth and successful transition into the world of work.


17th March, 2021 @ 9:00 am

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