Candidate experience in a time of disruption  ·
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About the Event

In these turbulent times recruitment processes will naturally be disrupted, with candidates in the middle of selection or with offers being deferred. At the same time, talent will be drawn towards the safety of “the devil you know”, even if they have already accepted an offer.

This webinar covers some of the challenges involved in maintaining relationships with your candidates in times of great stress, when plans are changing daily and the future is very uncertain. We look at how behavioural science can give some insight into the best ways of supporting people and keeping them motivated.

What will be covered in the event:

  • Group sharing of the challenges faced as organisations struggle with the Covid-19 crisis
  • Insights into the psychology of candidates at various stages in the process
  • Suggested strategies to support candidates and get the best results
  • Support for specific questions

The Speakers

Hugh Fordham
CEO @ Hollaroo

Nic Cole
Head of Resourcing at Dentons

Ben Jackson
Director - Commercial & Clients at Cogency

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Online Webinar

21st April, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

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