Assessing, Selecting & Screening Talent in 2019/20  ·
Browns, Covent Garden, London

About the Event

SJTs, Psychometrics, Strengths-Based, Competency, Cognitive, Personality, Gamified, Neurological, RJP and the list goes on. With millions of data points to be pulled from an individual, it’s no surprise that the way in which we assess, select & screen talent is growing by the day.

This coming August 7th we’ll spend the day looking into proven methods for assessing different talent sets across a wide range of industries.

To start the morning we’ll be bringing a range of different businesses that have helped implement different strategies in this space. Including…

– Automated Screening – Technology Implementation
– ‘Culture Fit’ VS ‘Values Alignment’
– Assessing for Atypical Roles
– Using an Adaptive Method of Assessment
– Personalised Talent Assessment Case Study
– Candidate Experience Through the Selection Process


You’ll get to select 1 of 2 formats in the morning –

High Impact Presentations (15-Mins Each)

These presentations are purpose-built to showcase the key insights into how our partners have helped resourcing functions across the UK with the challenges you face every day!

Speed-Meetings (15-Mins Each)

For more complex challenges you can opt-in to meet with these businesses that have provided solutions in the past, they’re there to offer free advice and case studies they’ve got from similar companies to give you some ideas to go back to the office with.


Then in the afternoon we’ll switch focus to peer-to-peer learning and hear from Sam Lewis, Senior Resourcing Business Partner at BSI Group.

He’ll be weighing up the advantages and challenges for a consistent process vs flexible process and how both can be achieved in a global company. We’ll then look specifically at the success BSI seen so far.

This will be followed by a roundtable discussion where we’ll ask you our wonderful community the following – “What’s most important for your selection methods, consistency or flexibility and why?”

The Speakers

Sam Lewis
Senior Resourcing Business Partner at BSI Group

Browns, Covent Garden, London

7th August, 2019 @ 8:30 am

40 Attendees

Complimentary Food

Speed Meeting

The Agenda

08.30am – Arrival (Breakfast & Networking)
09.00am – Introductions and challenges
09.15am – Speed – Meetings / Impact Presentations
12.00pm – Buffet Lunch
1:00pm – Sam Lewis
1:30pm – Roundtable Discussion – What’s most important for your selection methods, consistency or flexibility and why
2:30pm – TBC
3:00pm – Roundtable Discussion
4:00pm – Summary, takeaways, and networking drinks

Previous Companies Attended

The Venue

Lively, vibrant and eclectic, Covent Garden is in the heart of the West End, surrounded by theatres, galleries, shops and landmarks. Once the Westminster County Court building and now elegantly converted into a bar and restaurant, Browns is close to all the main theatres and our pre- and post-theatre suppers are extremely popular. The once Courtroom has now become the house to our events.