#Ditchthescript: become a force for change in talent management

About the Talk

Live at #RecFest19 this all-star panel includes Sam Smith (Kelly), Simon Rutter (Sage), Gemma Lines (MS Amlin) and Neil Krisko (Xerox). The panel gave participants the opportunity to hear from people who have chosen to #ditchthescript on talent management. People who have sought a value-driven approach over a transactional one. Who has been brave enough not only to consider breaking the moult, but to smash it. We’ll explore the cultural shift in how we want to go to work and how this is changing perspectives on talent. You’ll be left with the insight to be a force for change and innovation when it comes to addressing talent strategy in their business.

About the Speakers

This panel consists of four titans of industry:

Moderated by Sam Smith whom the current Vice President of Kelly

Joining Sam is Simon Rutter (Group Internal Communications Director @ Sage), Gemma Lines (Global Head of Growth @ MS Amlin) & Neil Krisko (Global Director of Talent Acquisition @ Xerox)