Developing the AstraZeneca ‘Women in Tech’ Series

Developing the AstraZeneca 'Women in Tech' Series

Ben Ventham (Talent Acquisition Global Lead @ AstraZeneca) took to EY Speakers Corner at RecFest 2021.

In 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ben created the AstraZeneca Women in Tech Series – a video series where Ben (as the host) interviewed women in tech across their global business from all levels and seniority, across multiple disciplines and across all geographies – from Mexico to India, Canada to China.

The interviews focus around educating the audience on the breadth of opportunities across the technology industry – in an effort to dispel the common myths and help change the narrative – whilst covering aspects of the guests early career aspirations, journey and challenges, in an effort to allow the audience (and specifically women) to connect on an emotional level and to instil belief that they can too emulate the careers of those showcased and breakdown invisible barriers to doing so.