Cracking the code: Building an EVP for tech

About the Talk

Mark Chaffey, CEO of Hackajob, shared a high level framework on how to build and develop your technology Employer Value Proposition. 

EVP starts with core values, you need to understand who you are as an organisation before you start building a message to market. This process should be a constant iterative process and shouldn’t sit still. 

A big challenge with technology is that there is more demand than there is supply which poses a great challenge within a oversaturated and noisy environment.

This means that your brand and proposition offered are fundamentally important within the technology workforce.

Here is a summary of Hackajob’s framework:

1. Defining your company values

Retention is more important than attraction, if you are bringing candidates and hires in with false intentions – then you will have to continue rinse and repeating your hiring process until the values and actions you take on a daily basis as an organisation, what do you stand for as a business.

2. Segmentation

Any time you’re building a message, it’s important to understand who you are going after, and developing that segmentation within those groups of individuals.

3. Understanding your audience

What is it about your organisation that resonates with your current employees, use these real-life examples and be authentic when moving forward with your future propositions.

4. Crafting your EVP

When you are ready to begin to craft your overall package, it is important to focus on what you stand for and what you can do for the group you wish to attract. It is important not to over-sell, over-promise but to be unique and remain authentic. It’s important to not emphasise just the ‘tech’ piece but the day-to-day compelling stuff that can convert a candidate to a hire. 

5. Where are your audience?

Once you have developed and crafted your EVP, it is important to find the communities which you wish to attract talent from. Some of the traditional channels of hiring have low-engagement rates so it’s important to tap into other communities which Mark mentions.

6. How to communicate 

Resonating and staying true to your organisation is the most important way to communicate with your audience.

7. Test and iterate

Once you have developed your EVP, testing that process within the marketplace is essential for fine-tuning and improvements to further strengthen your proposition.

“Every person is still an individual, whilst we talk about the general tech environment it’s important to understand an individuals motivations”

About the Speaker

Mark Chaffey is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hackajob, a company born out of the frustration with the traditional recruitment agency approach and the difficulty of hiring top engineers.