A grow your own guide to employer brand ambassadors

The value and benefit of a strong employer brand is widely recognised by organisations of all shapes and sizes. But, maintaining momentum, interest and engagement with an employer brand, post-creation, is something many businesses struggle with. Lucky for them, SMRS don’t.

Over the years SMRS have successfully created Employer Brand Ambassadors for many clients, and they’ve all been a great success. But how have SMRS managed to keep the initial ‘employer brand launch-buzz’ alive and maintain high levels of energy, excitement and interest post-creation? We’ll let you into a few trade secrets…

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Once an organisation has an employer brand and ambassadors who are ready, willing and able to represent it – they need to use them. To give their ambassadors a platform and a programme of activities to complete. And, as each ambassador will want to understand their purpose and the role they are playing, each business should have clear expectations and tasks for their ambassadors too.

To help achieve this Ambassadors need:

-A home: a hub, a platform, call it what you will. It’s essential to create a central online space that can be easily accessed, where ambassadors can share ideas and opinions and gain guidance and support.

– A plan: a clear calendar of activities that are spread across the year with the focus on engaging the interest of employees and maintaining momentum in the employer brand

– A pat on the back: a thank you, recognition and a token of appreciation for the great work that the ambassadors are doing. This in turn will build trust, loyalty and inspire them to do more.

A platform for success

By creating an Ambassador Platform and keeping all employer brand activity in one place, clients have discovered it’s so much more manageable to create and share relevant, engaging and authentic ‘on-brand’ content. It’s also a good way of temperature checking employee engagement and measuring ongoing success.

See for yourself

To bring the beauty of the Ambassador Platform to life and illustrate all the different tools it has to offer, SMRS have created a short demo. To watch it, get in touch, sit back, enjoy the show and get ready to grow your own.

If you would also like to watch or download a recording from an Employer Brand Ambassador Webinar then click here!