A B2B SaaS HR tech company, we transform employee onboarding into an ongoing, engaging, rich and consistent experience. That’s why we call it ‘experience-driven’ onboarding. By providing all the tools necessary for organizations to maximize employee engagement for today’s digital generation, we enable HR to design beautiful, engaging digital content that delivers automatically along bespoke timelines straight to mobile.

In July 2015, Founder and CEO Brent Pearson found himself perusing through academic research around the way companies brought people into an organization, and the profound effect that process had on business critical metrics. This gave him the “ah-ha!” moment that led to the creation of Enboarder.

Since then Enboarder has grown quickly, with teams of passionate humans across Australia, EMEA and the US, and are backed by some pretty impressive investors including top US venture capital firm Greycroft, and Australian-based investment fund Our Innovation Fund (OIF).

We’re really proud of our company values, and we take pride in living and breathing them every day. They’ve been an integral part of our business since day one. Our values are Keep it Real, Customers Rule, Never Settle, Love it, and Team Play.

Understandably, we LOVE providing a great onboarding experience for our people. We talk the talk, and you better believe we walk the walk!

Our customers are the world’s largest and most innovative employers including McDonald’s, Eventbrite, ING, Hugo Boss and Canva just to name a few.

We think we’ve created a pretty special product, and we’re proud to have industry awards and recognition to back that up.

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We have an extensive collection of market-leading event brands focused exclusively on in-house recruiting, resourcing & talent acquisition. Ranging from 10 person lunches with the UK’s most influential resourcing community, the RL100, to full-blown recruitment festivals with over 3,000+ professionals (RecFest), we have something for you. Let’s talk!